Vision, Mission, & Values


We nurture the next generation of culturally aware, lifelong learners and thinkers who are compassionate, knowledgeable, and engaged citizens of the world.

Mission Statements

  • Provide high-quality education through the use of well-founded international programmes that integrate global concepts while cultivating respect for national culture and identity.
    • Expose students to unique concepts and innovative ways of thinking in the different disciplines and curriculums.
    • Integration of disciplines and curriculums helps to develop collaboration, communication between cultures, a deeper understanding of own national identity, and appreciation of ideas other than their own.
    • Explore every learner’s potential so that they can be catalysts of learning, make a positive impact in the world, and enrich those around them.
    • Enhancing communication skills through first-language and English language fluency.
  • Foster an environment where students can realize personal goals and achieve their full potential.
    • Value students as individuals and be responsive to their unique needs.
    • Provide opportunities and learning environments to support collaboration so that learning will be ignited, scaffolded, and nurtured
    • Provide a safe and inclusive space where they are allowed to take healthy risks to learn from both successes and failures
    • Take a holistic approach to the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of our students
  • Nurture and model a self-evolving learning community based on continuous reflection and collaboration
    • Provide a constructivist learning environment where students can explore and discover pathways to learning and growth through individual and collaborative learning
    • Modeling continuous learning framework both in academic settings and administration decision-making
    • Use of systematic data-driven evaluation and monitoring systems to ensure student success
    • Continuous review of school facilities, infrastructure, and technology to meet current and emerging needs of the students, faculty, and staff


Sekolah Bogor Raya’s values are core to every action we take and every program we apply:

SBR students show discipline by always being punctual with their attendance, and when handing in their work, and by following instructions and both the school and classroom rules.

SBR students show empathy by being helpful and caring about others, and by showing kindness in their words and actions to every member of the school community.

SBR students show self-awareness by being aware of how their actions affect others and themselves; by being reflective about their own strengths and weakness; by setting their own goals and monitoring their own behavior and by taking responsibility for their environment, their belongings, and themselves.

SBR students show integrity by staying true to their values, even when it is difficult to do so, by being honest in their studies and in their friendships, and by keeping their word and honoring their promises.

SBR students show respect by appreciating others and their environment, by giving their full attention when others are talking, by taking care of the environment, property, and the feelings of the other members of the school community.

SBR students show equality by treating everyone fairly regardless of their background, race, gender identity, or religion and by being impartial in their relationship, and celebrating differences.

SBR students show resilience by being determined to do their best, by sticking to their commitments even when things get tough and by solving their own problems.

*Inquiry is an active learning approach to education where students are encouraged to ask questions about their world and to investigate in order to explain their world. The teacher acts primarily as a facilitator, guiding and helping the students in their investigation.  

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