Primary School

The Primary School level of Sekolah Bogor Raya is a growing private primary school with 360 students in 2017-2018 school year from Grade 1 (6-7 years old) to Grade 6 (11-12 years old). We are accredited by Badan Akreditasi Sekolah Nasional as a SPK (Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama) school and Association of National and Private School (ANPS). We have been authorized as an IB World School since 2009. Throughout the school, we aim to ensure that our children enjoy a wide range of learning engagements and real life experiences which bring the curriculum to life and make learning engaging and fun. In preparation for their lifelong learning journey, we feel that open communication with families and staff is essential. We welcome parents and guardians to come and participate in our special regular information sessions meetings, events, and celebrations. We offer countless opportunities for our students to grow cognitively and develop crucial social skills in a home-like, nurturing environment.


  • Curriculum

    As an IB-PYP (International Baccalaureate – Primary Years Programme) school, we are consistently engaged in exposing students to new educational experiences and learning opportunities. Our learners are thus enabled and challenged to become creative, active, compassionate, and confident lifelong learners. The PYP provides a set of attributes or values, called the IB learner profiles. They help students develop desirable character traits and behavior that not only leads the school towards international-mindedness and leadership, but also builds on SBR’s values (discipline, equality, self-awareness, integrity, respect, empathy, resilience) to equip our students to excel in a rapidly-changing world. For further information about the IB-PYP, visit

    The Primary School of Sekolah Bogor Raya focuses on all programs inside and outside the classrooms to ensure that our students experience a high quality education through the use of the Primari Years Programme. The PYP (Primary Years Programme) is an international, transdisciplinary program designed to foster the development of the whole child, not just in the classroom but also through other means of learning.

    The PYP focuses on the total growth of the developing child, touching hearts as well as minds. It encompasses social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic welfare. The PYP combines the best research and practice from a range of national systems with a wealth of knowledge and experience from international schools to create a relevant and engaging educational framework for all children.

    Our programs prioritize the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of our students and encourage them to build self-esteem and always strive to be the very best. Our Primary level offers a broad curriculum from Grades 1 to 6 encompassing the key learning areas of English, Bahasa Indonesia, Mathematics, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Studies of Society and Environment, Science, Visual Arts, Music and Physical Education. The school sets high academic expectations and delivers high standards in student achievement across the curriculum. All class activities are set to provoke students’ inquiry through some students’ research, experiments, exhibitions, trips, interviews, events, role plays, and other students-initiated action.

    As we deliver an international program that integrates global concepts with respect for national culture and identity, we actively support our students to take part in some activities related to the appreciation of Indonesian culture. Some events are held to appreciate our local culture, such as Independence Day, Hari Sumpah Pemuda, Hari Pahlawan, “Kabayan Let’s Go” Concert, and Traditional Day. Extra-curricular classes for academic and non-academic (English Club, Math Club, Science Club, Public Speaking Club, Mandarin, Taekwondo, Soccer, Basketball, Table Tennis, Traditional Dance, Choir) are provided also for our students to develop their confidence and prepare them to be in some competitions.

  • Teaching and Learning Process

    Teachers in Primary School of Sekolah Bogor Raya are committed to excellence, as they work to prepare our students to achieve their future educational goals. They also work collaboratively to ensure the best possible quality of education is provided for our learners. Collaborative planning is held regularly to ensure commonalities of teaching within a grade level and the subject area standards and benchmarks are addressed. It involves discussion of assessment tasks, alignment of assessment tasks with standards and benchmarks, moderation of marking where appropriate and instructional activities. Our assessment for the students include: assessing student learning; recording the students data and analyzing it; and reporting the students learning using communicative strategies.

    Conferences are held two times every year for every level in Primary School, they are the Three Way Conferences and Student-Led Conferences. The conferences are used as the primary function of reporting student progress is to establish, encourage and maintain communication between the home and school, the child and parent/guardian, and the learner and teacher. The purpose of conferences is to share information between teachers, students and parents.

  • Achievements

    In our Primary School, we acknowledge that continuous improvement cannot take place without a unity of purpose and collaboration within our school community. Education itself does not necessarily have to be presented using traditional approaches. We engage our students in education beyond the classroom. Therefore we have partnership with some assessment organizations to give opportunities to some of our students to boost their confidence and help them reach their potential. We work together with JISMO (Japan International Science and Mathematics Olympiads) and ICAS (International Competitions and Assessment for Schools).

    2018-2019 Achievements
    Academic Non-Academic
    Japan International Science and Mathematics Olympiad (JISMO) – Legend, Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire Krakatau Posco Cup Taekwondo Open Championship Tingkat Pulau Jawa (2nd place)
    Math League for the 5th grade (1st place) EF Spelling Bee 2018 (1st, 2nd & 3rd place)
    Olimpiade Nasional Matematika, Sains, dan Bahasa Inggris Tingkat Nasional (1st, 4th & 6th place) In-School Swimming Competition (25 m freestyle & 50 m breaststroke)
    Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) – Silver & Bronze Elsa Nasution Swimming Festival (bronze medal – boys & girls)
      Wilio Talent Hunt 2019 (winner – Wilio Squad Ambassador 2019)
      JSFA Allianz League 2019 – Soccer U-8 (winner) & U-12 (winner)
      MNA – PHC Novice Swimming Festivals 2019 (Gold & Bronze medal)
      Greenfields Cup Championship – Soccer U-12 (winner)
      Dispora Cup Swimming Competition 2019 – girls under 10 years old (1st, 2nd & 3rd place)
      The Indonesia International Piano
    Competition (IIPC) – potential winner

Primary Facilities

  • language lab
  • Cafeteria
  • classroom
  • traditional music room
  • music room
  • Soccer Field
  • swimming pool
  • library
  • ict lab
  • Hydroponic
  • art room
  • Playground
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