Cultural Programme

At Sekolah Bogor Raya, we are deeply committed to delivering a world-class education that embraces international perspectives while honoring and celebrating Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage. Indonesia stands as one of the most culturally diverse nations on the globe, a fact we hold in high regard and encourage our entire community to cherish.

Within our curriculum, traditional music and dance hold a significant place of importance. We view these cultural expressions not only as subjects of study but as vital components of our educational mission. Through engaging in events and festivals centered around traditional arts, we aim to instill a greater appreciation for and dedication to preserving our cultural heritage while showcasing it to the world.

Our Cultural Program is designed to foster a deep understanding and appreciation of the diverse tapestry of Indonesian culture, recognizing it as a global heritage worthy of preservation and celebration. At Sekolah Bogor Raya, we are dedicated to nurturing a sense of pride and reverence for our cultural identity among our students and the broader community.

Sekolah Bogor Raya has participated in national and international events such as;

2004 – Earth Day Event at City Hall, Bogor
2005 – ANPS Events at Tiara Bangsa School, Jakarta
2006 – Educational Exhibition at Pangrango Plaza, Bogor
2007 – Annual Education Exhibition event DI Botanical Square, Bogor
2008 – Gamelan Festival Santa Laurensia School, Alam Sutera
2015 – Indonesian Cultural Day at Sekolah Bogor Raya, Bogor
2015 – Indie Travel Mart 2015 Exhibition at Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta
2016 – Czech International Folklore Festival in Hradec Kralove, Sumperk, and Ostrava
2016 – Enchanting Evening of Indonesia at Royal Theater, Prague
2018 – SBR Gamelan Festival at Sekolah Bogor Raya, Bogor
2018 – Czech International Folklore Festival in Frydek-Mistek and Straznice
2018 – ASEAN Summer Fair, KBRI Belgia, Brussel
2018 – Malam Budaya Indonesia in Triumfatorkerk, Den Haag, Netherland
2019 – Northern Illinois University, USA
2019 – Wisconsin University, USA
2019 – Indonesia Focus Conference at Indiana University, USA
2019 – Michigan University, USA
2019 – Galuh Lokananta, Galeri Indonesia Kaya, Jakarta


Niken Wulandari Singgih, M. Pd.

Head of the Cultural Program

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