COVID-19 Updates

Updates regarding CoronaVirus Diseases (Covid-19)

As you all know the situation regarding the Coronavirus is rather dynamic and one which we are keeping a close eye on as a school. For this reason, we will be updating you regarding our preventative measures and advice as the situation changes.

The following are the latest updates:

Temperature checking is now done on anyone entering the school grounds to avoid risk. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5 or above will either be asked to leave or if it’s a staff member, he or she will be observed by the school nurse and may be asked to return home.

The school is no longer accepting outside groups into our school grounds. Everyone who enters school must wear masks and follows the health protocols applied at school. Antiseptic gel will be added to busy areas away from the bathrooms and sinks.

Sekolah Bogor Raya is prepared to take more extreme measures in the future should the risk increase to more dangerous levels. We hope you understand the need for these precautions but also want to remind the school community that anyone that is unfortunate enough to contract this illness has a very good chance of a full recovery, especially if they are young and healthy.

As a community we need to remain vigilant but not panic because our children look to us as role models and leaders. Let’s deal with this challenge step by step and adapt wherever necessary to ensure that our school remains healthy, safe and happy. Thank you all for your support and understanding.


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  • F.A.Q.
    Q: Is the school open for the school enrollment and school tour activities?
    We are open with these activities; however guests must follow the health protocol at Sekolah Bogor Raya.

    Q: Will the school open for face to face learning activity in the 2nd Semester (starting in January 2021)?
    At this time,we will continue to conduct the learning activities by virtual or Online Home Learning. This will be re-evaluated for the 4th term.

    Q: Does the school have a policy for the teachers and staff related to working at school?
    Yes, Sekolah Bogor Raya has developed policies related to working at school during this pandemic.

    Q: Does the school provide regular communication to parents and teachers about Covid 19?
    Yes, we provide regular communication related to Covid-19 prevention, activities at school during distance learning, as well as up-to-date news on policies and procedures related to Covid-19 to the parents and teachers/staff.
    Communication is conducted through regular notices from school, news updates on school social media platforms and ongoing informal communication through WhatsApp groups for parents.

    Q: How does the school maintain its health protocol?
    • The school developed a weekly self health check and mid semester survey to gather data related to everyone’s condition and understanding about health protocols and Covid-19.
    • There are regularly scheduled cleaning and disinfecting activities in all school areas. These activities also applied to all learning apparatus, facilities and school buses.
    • Strict adherence to the 3M prevention behaviours (using masks, washing hands, maintaining distance) as well as frequent body temperature scanning. Conducting sessions with experts such as doctors and Covid survivors to ensure that everyone has a similar understanding about Covid 19 prevention and information.
    • Staff and teachers who work at school must bring their own food utensils and maintain personal hygiene.
    • Set of protocols were published by Sekolah Bogor Raya to be used as main references for employees
    • Addition of health and hygiene facilities such as hand wash basin, hand sanitizer, a standby school clinic and school nurse for facilitating daily health check protocols

    Q: Are there any activities for students that happen at school during this pandemic?
    Yes, they are; such as drive in learning, drive thru library and drive thru activities to take learning tools/ materials from school.

    Q: Does the school organize big events during this pandemic?
    Yes, it does and all of them are done virtually. Such as Annual Language Competition and Virtual Run.


Activities during Online Home Learning

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