KJRI CHICAGO with Konjen RI Ibu Rosmalawati Chalid

On this third international event, Sekolah Bogor Raya participated in the Indonesian Culture Caravan, 2019 from 26 September to 11 October 2019 in the Midwest, US. This event performed synchronously with The 70-year commemoration of Indonesian and US formal diplomatic relations (1949 – 2019).

Rebranding the Culture Caravan around Midwest cities’ within this program, Sekolah Bogor Raya students will visit around 6 top universities and cities (Chicago, Madison, Lafayette, Bloomington, Columbus, Ann Arbor) to be exposed to education in America.

The tour started from Chicago where we performed at Boutell Memorial Concert Hall in Northern Illinois University then continued to perform at INDONESIA FOCUS CONFERENCE in Indiana University, Bloomington. The students will also perform in the University of Wisconsin and closing ceremony at University of Michigan.

Ibu Rosmalawati Chalid (Consul General of Chicago) has invited us to have lunch and hearing session with her at KJRI Chicago. Her warmth presence and support had become our spirit and inspiration in carrying out this ICC Midwest 2019.
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