Hercules the Musical: Zero to Hero

“I know every mile will be worth my while. I will go almost anywhere to feel where I belong!” – Hercules.

Disney’s Hercules is a musical classic, narrating the story of Zeus’ son who was turned mortal by the hands of Pain, Panic and Phobia, the henchmen of the god of the Underworld, Hades; he wanted to take over Olympus and became the ruler of all. Due to the clumsiness of his henchmen, Hercules lived on Earth as a half-man half-god, raised by Amphitryon and Alcmene. With the support of a spunky satyr, Phil, and his flying horse, Pegasus, they went on a journey to protect Olympus and made Hercules a true hero.

This year, Sekolah Bogor Raya held a musical performance that involved students from every level, with the theme “Disney’s: Hercules”. Involved more than 150 students – from kindergarten to high school- and after seven months of pure hard work, dedication, commitment and weekly rehearsals. The prestigious finale was held on 16 February 2019, attended by more than 300 audience members, Hercules was such a huge success.

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