Gamelan Festival

For the first time, Sekolah Bogor Raya proudly held the Gamelan Festival 2018. It involved some schools around Bogor and Jakarta. This event was coordinated by Ibu Niken Wulandari, inviting one of the Gamelan maestros from Indonesia, Prof Rahayu Supanggah who made the event more meaningful. With his passionate in the gamelan he brought the audience to appreciate and feel grateful for what our Indonesian’s ancestors handed down to us.

Our Fifth Graders are also took part in this festival by opening it with a special performance. As gamelan has long been part of learning activities in SBR, the fifth graders confidently presented their skills and passion towards gamelan in a very energetic performance for the opening and also a beautiful melody that they played during this special performance.
This event was mainly aiming to improve our societies appreciation of gamelan and celebrate it as part of the cultural heritage that should be able to be enjoyed by younger generations. Another benefit of having this event is also giving exposure to others among the schools and communities who put their best effort forward to celebrate gamelan and help it stay alive for the younger generations.

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