Grade 4 Market Day

Under the theme “How We Organize Ourselves”, Grade 4 learnt about basic economics and how to start business. It is one of the themes that the students had been waiting for since they will have an experience as an entrepreneur. The students will create and produce a product and sell it based on a business plan that they prepare. To support the learning for this theme, there were many activities held such as an excursion to Pasar Bersih, inviting experts, identifying online markets and preparing for Market day.

As the next step students needed to create an advertisement in the form of poster to promote their stall or product for market day. They really made eye-catching and attractive posters to help grab the customers attention. They used the skills they had learnt in Art about proportion and engraving letters. Tuesday, February 13, 2018, was a big day for Grade 4. It was time for them to sell the products that they had created and produced. They also had prepared the budget and all decorations needed for their stall. This project would not have run well if we did not get strong support from parents. It is one of the great examples of the school and parents collaborated to support our students’ learning experiences.

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