Kabayan Let’s Go

Sekolah Bogor Raya proudly presented the musical and arts performance of “Kabayan Let’s Go!” last January 20, 2018. It was a show which involved 210 students from PG-K to Secondary level. “Kabayan, Let’s Go!” Was a story about a boy named Kabayan who, despite being kind and friendly was a very lazy person. His daily life was mostly spent in taking care of buffaloes and playing his flute in the paddy fields, he just kept lazing around. He postponed just about everything he had to do, until one morning his parents had had enough and forced Kabayan to help them. That’s where his journey began.

The preparation for this show took over five months and commenced back in August 2017 until the final rehearsal in January 2018. Production week was a very busy time for the students with long rehearsal days, but the hard work paid off.” Kabayan, Let’s Go!” was a huge success and has received positive feedback from its audience, including Bogor city’s mayor, Pak Bima Arya.

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