Global Citizenship Education (GCED) Workshop

SBR Secondary School, in collaboration with International University Alliance (IUA) and UNESCO Center for Peace, for the first time took the opportunity to host a Global Citizenship Education (GCED) Workshop on January 18, 2018. The two-hour workshop had “Introduction to the Global Citizenship Course” as its theme. As many as 30 senior high school students from SBR and other schools in Bogor participated in the event. Several ground rules were issued at the opening of the workshop, aimed at building a sense of respect and appreciation among participants. Such attitudes played an important role in unifying participants’ perceptions as they came from various backgrounds. Fundamental questions such as ‘what qualities, knowledge, and skills are needed to be an effective global citizen’ were discussed during the workshop. It also explored cultural perceptions between the East and the West – how the East see West’s activities, etc. Last but not least, understanding perspectives was discussed before the participants did some reflection activities. After attending this workshop, the participants are expected to be able to open their perspectives about current global issues and to answer global challenges faced by our society.

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