Our U10s finished a spectacular season as winners of the Greenfield's Cup against the German International School and 1st runners up in the Coca Cola league.   1st and 2nd Place in Guru Prestasi Kecamatan Bogor Utara were won by our very own Ibu Ertha and Ibu Tien respectively. What a wonderful achievement by these two fine teachers! Ibu Ertha will continue now to the regional level. An amazing win from the SBR Cyclones Boys SMP Basketball team who are getting better and better every week. Basketball is a fantastic sport for all round strength, fitness, and agility.   Another action packed weekend of football with some very impressive results; four wins, two draws, and only two losses. Please tag us with your photographs of the games! SST U8 Coca-cola League   Our Trident Aquatics Swim Team are going from strength to strength this season as witnessed in the recent SPH Sentul Swimming Competition, Saturday, February 27- 2016   It's coming soon, the most keenly awaited event in the SBR school year. Auditions start next week. Are you ready to show your talents?