Policies and Procedures

Information & Communication Technology Policy

Part of SBR’s mission statement describes our commitment to “Technological Expertise” and “to equip our students to excel in a rapidly-changing world”. That is why we are committed to continuing professional classroom delivery of ICT, to developing students’ skills on how to use computers and other devices relevant to ICT in a progressive program, and to developing and reinforcing a cross-curricular approach to ICT within classroom teaching.

Whole School Language Policy

This policy was developed by a language policy committee of over 30 Sekolah Bogor Raya teachers, level coordinators, subject coordinators and head teachers from Playgroup, Kindergarten, and Primary School level. It was also shown to Junior High management to gain their input. It was discussed and developed in meetings during September and October of 2006.

Homework Policy.

Kindergarten Level : Home Reading program at prep level only, Grade 1 - 2 primary level : 2 hours per week (plus 15 minutes home reading per day), Grade 3 - 6 primary level 3 hours per week (plus 15 minutes home reading per day), Junior & Senior High School , 4 hours per week (plus 15 minutes home reading per day).